Get already used activation code to activate another computer

Hi, I'm a developer. My company purchased me LINQPad for my daily development work. The IT staff activated LINQPad in my office computer. Sometimes I work at home, so I would like to get LINQPad also activated in my home computer. I don't have the activation used in my office computer and the purchase was done by IT staff so I can't handle activations nor retrieve the activation code by web forms. There is any way to get the activation code in my office computer and use it to activate my home computer? (two computers at all for the same person within the same activation code).


  • The activation code is not stored on the computer, so there's no way to extract it from an installation - you'll need to ask your IT department. If they've lost the code, they can retrieve from the page I think you were referring to:

    You're entitled to use a single-user license on up to 3 machines per user, so it's fine to activate your home machine if your company is OK with that.
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