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  • Re: Resources in LINQPad?

    Have you tried Util.GetPassword/Util.SetPassword? The password can be as long as you like.
    Util.SetPassword ("myKey", "test".PadRight (1000, '*'));
    Util.GetPassword ("myKey").Dump();
  • Re: Is there a way to see emojis in the results view?

    Try now, with the latest beta.
  • Re: Debugger unable to Dump exceptions

    That error appears when the operation initiated via the debugger (in this case, Dump) takes too long to execute and the debugger is unable to abort the operation. During the wait, LINQPad's debugger remains responsive due to it being asynchronous, but it still has to report the error, because the failed abort prevents the query process from continuing normally and requires a process recycle.

    (In case you're interested in the mechanics: The operation is executed via a "func-eval". Func-evals are essential in writing a debugger, but they also create a minefield. Here's some background: and ).

    After trying your sample, I can successfully dump the WebException, which means I can't identity the cause without extra info. Can you try a couple of things:

    1. Run the same thing in VS. Does the debugger freeze for a while, or give an error?

    2. Click the minus sign on above the Dump. If you change the dump depth from 3 to 1, does it work? And if so, the output should contain hyperlinks that you can click. Does clicking any particular hyperlink cause an error? Sometimes particular property accessors are problematic and I can tell LINQPad to avoid calling them.
  • Re: Linq to Strong Typed Dataset

    LINQPad only lets you reference an exe/dll - you can't reference .cs files.

    So you'll need to find the exe/dll that that you built in VS that includes the typed dataset and reference that. Make sure the typed dataset is marked public (not internal).

    You can use SQL to populate it. Use the same code that you'd do use VS. It's been ages since I've done this, but I seem to remember you use a DataAdapter, and call its Fill method.
  • Re: ASP.NET Core support

    John, you're right - it's a versioning issue. I will release a separate driver for EntityFrameworkCore 1.1.1 shortly.

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