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  • Re: Linq to Strong Typed Dataset

    LINQPad only lets you reference an exe/dll - you can't reference .cs files.

    So you'll need to find the exe/dll that that you built in VS that includes the typed dataset and reference that. Make sure the typed dataset is marked public (not internal).

    You can use SQL to populate it. Use the same code that you'd do use VS. It's been ages since I've done this, but I seem to remember you use a DataAdapter, and call its Fill method.
  • Re: ASP.NET Core support

    John, you're right - it's a versioning issue. I will release a separate driver for EntityFrameworkCore 1.1.1 shortly.
  • Re: Latet beta c# 7 tupels are not working

    Try RC4:

    This new build checks whether mscorlib contains System.ValueType, and if so, automatically removes the automatic reference to System.ValueType.dll.
  • Re: LinqPad ChangesNames

    You can disable pluralization - right-click the and choose Properties.

    When conflicts occur, LINQPad uses heuristics to rename columns, and also to determine association names. These won't also be the same as the heuristics that Visual Studio's LINQ-to-SQL and Entity Framework designers use. If you need compatibility with a typed data context that you've created in VS, you can click the option to connect to a typed data context in your own assembly.
  • Re: Is there a way to see emojis in the results view?

    Ah, you're using Unicode characters outside the BMP. LINQPad doesn't support this right now. There may be a fix in the next beta build, depending on how much work it is.

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