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  • Re: how to tell how long it took a query to run?

    yeah, this was querying against a large table with millions of rows and a table scan required, using the LINQPad-generated context like normal.

    I've got a query that does 3 levels of sort and then a Take(100) and takes between 16 to 20 seconds to run consistently (even if re-running it just after running it)

    What I'm seeing is:

    - if the query only writes to the Output window (doing doing the 16 second query but adding .Count() instead of writing out the rows), then the time listed in the status bar is accurate
    - if the query writes to the html / rich text output, then the time list is accurate
    - if the query writes to the data grid output, even though the query still takes the same 16 to 20 seconds to run, the status bar lists a time well below one second

    version v5.02.03(AnyCPU)
  • file watcher on open .linq files - catches renames but not edits?

    Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but I've noticed that filesystem renames of a .linq file that's open in LINQPad seem to get caught fine (LINQPad notices the change and updates the 'my queries' tree and the name of the query window tab), but external edits seem to be ignored?

    If it's something that can be addressed in the v5.x code, it'd be nice to have something akin to the VS experience of 'reload / ignore'. A few times a week I end up either merging in changes to a script (from a git pull / merge / rebase / whatever) or making changes to a script in an external editor (usually Notepad++ since there are some things I can do in it that I can't do in the LINQPad/ActiPro editor AFAICT.

  • 5.06 beta - C# expression auto-formatting does not respect "Convert tabs to spaces" setting


    - turn on "Convert tabs to spaces" in edit -> preferences -> advanced
    - create a C# expression query and type a query that includes indentation (4 spaces)

    from i in new[] { 1, 2, 3 }
    select new

    - move cursor around to show the indentation is via 4 spaces
    - on the indented line, hit control-x to cut the line then control-v to paste it
    - move cursor around to see the indentation is now a tab character
  • Re: RFE: support 'mixin' scripts?

    FWIW, it looks like there's an existing Roslyn standard for this being called #load AFAICT?

    #load is not a scriptcs invention, but rather a C# REPL standard. As a consequence of this, if you have Roslyn CTP installed and you use C# Interactive Window, you can copy paste you CSX file there and the #load directive will be correctly recognized.

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