file watcher on open .linq files - catches renames but not edits?

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but I've noticed that filesystem renames of a .linq file that's open in LINQPad seem to get caught fine (LINQPad notices the change and updates the 'my queries' tree and the name of the query window tab), but external edits seem to be ignored?

If it's something that can be addressed in the v5.x code, it'd be nice to have something akin to the VS experience of 'reload / ignore'. A few times a week I end up either merging in changes to a script (from a git pull / merge / rebase / whatever) or making changes to a script in an external editor (usually Notepad++ since there are some things I can do in it that I can't do in the LINQPad/ActiPro editor AFAICT.



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