Can I get more than 1000 characters in the parameters section of the SQL output pane?

edited September 2012
I have been using LINQPad to deploy a few large strings directly into a database table, but I recently needed to get the full script of what was being generated so I could deploy in an environment without LINQPad. When I opened the SQL output pane, the declaration which held the variable containing my 9 KB string was limited to the first 1,000 characters. Is there somewhere I can configure LINQPad so it will not truncate the SQL output as shown below?

-- Region Parameters
DECLARE @p0 VarChar(1000) = 'CNV'
DECLARE @p1 NVarChar(1) = N'declare @interfaceId int = 70;

... snip ...

JOIN PROJECT_PRODUCT_VENDOR...' -- (first 1000 characters/9176 shown)
-- EndRegion
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