DataGrid 'Edit Data' mode returning error when editing a single row's numeric property.

edited October 2012
The DataGrid 'Edit Data' feature works fine when editing values where there are more than one row. In this case, the results appear in a table and each row's cell can be edited. However, if navigating (via hyperlinks) to a table for which there is only a single row, then the view changes from a table to more of a property sheet view with only two columns: the attributes and values. In this mode, the only thing that allows editing are boolean fields (that appear as checkboxes) and strings. All other numeric values give the following error:

Object of type 'System.String' cannot be converted to type 'System.Int32' (or 'System.Double', etc).

Can someone please help? Is this just a shortcoming of the beta release or am I doing something wrong???



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