C# Code Formatting

Is there a way with LINQPad 5 to use/import my Visual Studio C# formatting? I personally like to have spacing between a lot of things, for instance:

Foo(1) would become Foo( 1 ), and void Foo(int x) would become void Foo( int x ).

I would love to have the same settings for LINQPad, but I don't see options for it. But ultimately it would be great if I could export my C# settings from VS and import them into LINQPad.


  • The only options at present are whether to insert a space before the parenthesis, and whether to put braces on the same or next line with types, methods and blocks.
  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the reply. Do you have any plans (or think maybe it could be a good future enhancement) to add more formatting options and allow for importing settings from Visual Studio? I write a lot of code in LINQPad and would love to have it auto-format the code the same way my Visual Studio editor does!

    BTW.... love the product. I use LINQPad all the time, and just recently convinced my place of employment to purchase a premium enterprise license. Keep up the great work!!
  • I have Insert space after method name false, but a lot of times completions that insert lambda templates also insert a space before the opening parenthesis of the call. Is this a bug?
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