How do I format the output window?

By default, the Output tab of the results uses a variable-width font, which is fine for messages, but is no good in certain cases. Is there a way to change it to use a fixed-width font?

I tried clicking the Format button at the right end of the bar above the results, and then choosing Result Formatting Preferences, but no matter what I type in the lower pane, the Output looks the same.

Anyone know how to do this? Thanks


  • In my experience, after making custom changes in the LINQPad stylesheet editor, you need to re-run your query for the new CSS to take effect.

    Taking a super simple example code:

    "Hello World".Dump("Title")

    the following custom CSS affected the "Hello World" output, but not the title:

    body { font-family: Consolas; color: magenta; }

    If you can be more specific about what you want to change, we might be able to tell you what CSS selector to use :)
  • Thanks for the reply. I was setting a style on "body pre" not just on "body" which is why it hadn't worked.
  • Another option is to request a fixed font on demand, with Util.WithStyle:
    Util.WithStyle (
    	, "font-family:consolas")
    You can write this as an extension method in My Extensions
    public static class MyExtensions
       public static T DumpFixed<T> (this T toDump, string heading = null,
                                                        int? depth = null)
          Util.WithStyle (toDump, "font-family:consolas").Dump (heading, depth);
          return toDump;
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