Cross-Database Query

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I must be missing something - I'm using the 4.40.03 Premimum (Beta) version and I can't get a Cross-Database query to work

Followed the directions here and no luck.

Is this actually supported at this point?

Thanks in advance,

Doug Stanley


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    Yes, it's been there and working for a while. What happens when you try?
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    I'm not getting this to work either, when you say the schema explorer, I assume you mean the main table view ? (http://snag.gy/k4i5c.jpg) I can't hold down ctrl and select more than one.

    I just purchased a premium version because of the cross database function.

    I'm using version 4.42.05(AnyCPU) Premium Edition.

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    Hold down the control key while dragging a single database onto your query. And then repeat. It's a drag-and-drop-copy operation, not a multi-select operation.
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    I am on v4.48.01, I am also unable to CTRL+DragDrop my tables from the db explorer to the editor to reference more than one data context. Says "The name 'X' does not exist in the current context". Is it supposed to prefix your tableName with the database name or something in order for it to be able to use more than one data context? I just purchased the Premium Edition for this feature.... :( I am kind of sad that it isn't working for me. I tried searching around in the objects but I cannot fine my other db's while having it set to one connection. LinqPad.Users.blaTable. It would be nice to be able to type in the dataContext as the DB name. (from rec in DatabaseName.TableName where rec.id =1 select rec). Please make this easier to use.
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    Cross-Server is really what I need I think after looking more into it.

    Please add Cross-Server Database Queries.
    It would be nice to allow this this:
    var Server1Items = (from rec in Server1.DBInstance.TABLE1 select rec);
    var Server2Items = (from rec in Server2.LocalInstance.TABLEx2 select rec);
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    edited April 2014
    Ok, so... You do not CTRL+DRAG a table, you CTRL+DRAG a database to group the 2 databases together. then you can drag tables to editor. :( doesn't help with multiple servers. I have since created a dll to import into my editor so that I can LINQ between the 2 servers.... :( I am not happy that it lacks this ability.
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