can't use NuGet integration due to search query timing out

edited October 2012
I was hoping to install the NuGet package 'Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow' and do a quick snippet with it, but when I clicked the 'Add NuGet' button in query properties, the dialog that comes up does a search query, but it times out.

The 'offending' bit seems to be the $filter being specified as: IsLatestVersion or IsAbsoluteLatestVersion

Even if I put in the specific package name as the search term, it still results in an EF timeout on their side.

Any chance there's a method (simpler than rewriting via Fiddler or the like :) we can use to change the $filter included in the search query?


It seems a little silly that I can't use NuGet when I know the exact package I want to use, but certainly I have a workaround of just fetching it in a console app and referencing that :)


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