Debug information?

My "query" is throwing an exception and stacktrace. It would be nice if the stacktrace included line numbers. In the past I have included a .PDB file and the line numbers appear in the stack. Is it possible to include a PDB and have LINQPad use it when generating a stacktrace? If so where would I copy it?


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    Are you referring to line numbers within the assembly that you're referencing?

    If so, LINQPad does not copy over the PDB files to avoid the I/O overhead. However, there are a couple of workarounds.

    The first is to explicitly add a reference to the .PDB file (as well as the .DLL).

    The second is to go to Edit | Preferences | Advanced and set "Do not shadow assembly references" to true, and re-start LINQPad. This will stop LINQPad from copying files altogether, although it may lock the files that you reference.
  • For anyone googling, I got this to work with .NET Core 2.0 by following Joe's instructions above, but I also had to do the following for the project(s) in Visual Studio 2017:

    1) Right click the .NET project, Properties
    2) Select Build tab
    3) Click Advanced button
    4) Change Debugging Information drop-down from Portable to Full
    5) Rebuild the solution

    It looks like this action adds the following lines to the .csproj file:
    full true

    Once that was done, I see line numbers next to each file in the StackTrace!
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    Thanx a lot, pal! It is very useful unformation
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