Error: The type initiliaizer for "Linqpad.TempFileRef" threw an exception

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I installed Linqpad for a colleague on windows XP SP3, net 4.0 installed. When trying to run any kind of code (simple Console.Writeline) I get:

Error: The type initiliaizer for "Linqpad.TempFileRef" threw an exception

Amy ideas ?


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    Try creating a project in VS and running the following:

    var rng = System.Security.Cryptography.RandomNumberGenerator.Create();

    Does it throw an exception?


  • yes this indeed gives an error but the error is Invalid XML in Machine.config near element .

    As LINQPad starts I don;t thinl the net install is bad. Did LINQPAD modify the machine config ?
  • If the above code throws an exception, then yes, something is wrong with your .NET Framework installation. Maybe your machine.config file is corrupt as the error suggests.

    LINQPad does not modify your machine.config file or change your computer's configuration in any way.
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