Uncatchable exception

Since yesterday, every query I run results in a yellow information bar at the top of the query window that says

Query ended because an uncatchable exception was thrown.

There is a delay, then the query runs anyhow. It even happens with the language set to C# Statement(s) and no connection selected for this:

int i = 10;

I do have references to a number of custom assemblies set as query default, but I removed all such references for this query and still receive the error.

What's happening and how can I fix it?



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    The issue went away after rebooting the computer.
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    edited September 2017
    Unfortunately, this issue returned after a while. It's extremely frustrating. Again, even a query like "42".Dump(); causes this exception text to be shown before producing the expected output. The frustrating part is that there's a 2-5 second delay before my actual query starts to execute when this happens.
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    If there really is an uncatchable exception thrown (StackOverflowException or AccessViolationException) there should be an entry in the event-log that tells you which one it is.

    See also: http://www.abhisheksur.com/2011/01/internals-of-exception-handling.html

    If this happens often I would try to catch the bug with DebugDiag, however I would suspect a problem with your system in this case.
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    edited July 2

    @Ytrog Unfortunately, nothing gets logged to any of the Event Logs (Application, System, etc):

    In this case, I got the exception right now but the last logged event is from 10 minutes ago and is unrelated:

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    Does the issue re-occur after rebooting?

    I have noticed weird errors where Linqpad gets into a state where nothing works. Sometimes the problems go away after I restart Linqpad and other times I need to reboot.

    On a few occasions after this has happened I get a message saying Linqpad needs to download some updates (for example EF). This may just be a coincidence, but I was wondering if perhaps the problems were caused by windows updating some part of the dotnetframework while Linqpad was running. Pure guesswork, but anytime I got into this state, a reboot has always resolved it.

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