NuGet Package Sources

Hi, I'm trying to use the Add NuGet package reference feature in the latest LINQPad 4 beta and I'm having an issue I believe is related to resolving package dependencies across multiple package sources. We have a private NuGet feed at our company and a 3rd party package mirror (packages we use from the official source). In general, package resolution works fine within Visual Studio as it will consider all sources for grabbing a package, but it seems that LINQPad is only picking from one source at a time. When I attempt to install a package from our private feed the installation fails when a third party dependency is encountered. If I try to install the dependencies first from the other feed and then go back to the private feed the dependency is still cannot be resolved. I've also tried listing out each desired package by hand in XML by opening a saved .linq file in Notepad++ but still get an issue where packages from one feed cannot be resolved. Any thoughts?


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