IQ Driver - handling varchar fields in Oracle


I'm using the latest version of the IQ Driver (v2.0.7) & connected to an Oracle database.

I'm doing a simple query like so:

from s in Stuff where s.Name == "john" select s

But I get the following exception:

OracleException: ORA-12704: character set mismatch

The "Name" field is of type varchar2(40) in Oracle and it seems like the generated query is not handling this correctly and is trying to pass in Unicode, thus we get the error.

Any ideas of how to overcome this?



  • I realize this post is very old, but I'm going to leave my findings here as this was the very first result on google when I searched.

    This is purely a work-around, but I found that if I convert it to a list I'm able to make it work.
    from s in Stuff.ToList() where s.Name = "john" select s
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