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Currently running 4.42.06, the vNext Beta shows 4.43.x, the custom driver docs say 4.42.10. I am unable to find 4.42.10 and the check for updates says I have the latest version. I have a Premuim license and am creating a custom driver and want to provide custom query explorer images.

Any guidance or clarification is appreciated.


  • Did you look here? http://www.linqpad.net/Beta.aspx

    I am still in 4.43.02, and have successfully added custom icons to my drivers on that release. See http://stackoverflow.com/q/12230377/209103
  • Thanks for the reply.

    I've read the SO post, and I have both images and they're both 16x16 PNG files with the correct names. They're both 32bit depth, not sure if that matters.

    My assumption was since the docs mentioned 4.42.10, and I'm on 4.42.06, I would have to upgrade in order for it to work. But when I looked for 4.42.10, I could not find it.

    I does work in the BETA, but I'm interested in confirming my driver works in 4.42.10, if it exists, as my customers could have that version.

    Thanks again.
  • PufPuf
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    I happened to have 4.42.10 still lying around. I just tested and the custom icons work there too.

    The current stable non-beta download is 4.42.1, so it looks like 4.42.10 was never release as a non-beta. When I use my custom drivers in the 4.42.1 version, the drivers work fine but the custom icon doesn't show.

    So it looks like you'll have to point your customers to version 4.42.10 or higher, which currently means they'll have to use the beta to see your custom icon.
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