WinRT version?

Any chance to have a WinRT version of LinqPad? It would be nice to be able to code on a Surface RT or any other Windows RT tablet :)


  • WinRT is not designed for applications like LINQPad, which rely on advanced features of the .NET Framework, such as the ability to compile C# code and start a new AppDomain or process.

    Instead, you have two choices:
    - use an Intel-based tablet running Windows 8 (e.g., new Surface when it arrives)
    - use a WinRT tablet or iPad and RDP into an Azure VM server.

    I've tested the second option and it's surprisingly smooth. In fact, it's sometimes hard to tell that you're not running locally. You can commission a VM instance with Windows Server 2012 in a few minutes via the Azure management portal. Framework 4.5 comes pre-installed, and RDP is already configured.

    To connect from an iPad, there's a great RDP client app called 'Jump' for the cost of a few dollars. It gives you a choice of input modes with the option of using touch to control a real mouse pointer, making text selection much more precise, and a keyboard with cursor keys, function keys, etc.

    A few more tips:

    * The latest LINQPad beta works with retina screens. If you're using an iPad 3 or 4, go to the display settings in Windows Server and change the DPI font size to 200%. Everything will scale perfectly in LINQPad. Unless your connection is very slow, you can select maximum UI experience in the Jump client (font smoothing, etc.) - I've found the performance to be excellent.

    * The latest LINQPad beta also has 'Tablet mode' on the File menu. This alters the vertical spacing in the UI to make the experience more touch-friendly.

    * If you don't plan to use the VM instance for a while, you can reduce running costs to 2 cents per hour by changing the instance size to extra small. This allows you to scale up very quickly if needed again.

    * Being RDP, you can keep long-running queries going while the tablet is switched off.
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