Grouping of tables in LINQPad

When I look at the WorldWideImporters database (Microsoft sample) in LINQPad, I see this:


But in SQL Server Management Studio (v17.7), I see the same database displayed as follows:


What is the capability/feature in LINQPad that imposes structure to the tables, grouping them under "Application", "DataLoadSimulation", etc, as shown?

Thank you.


  • It's grouping them by schema. If you expand the "Tables" node in SSMS, you'll see something similar, except that it expands all of the schemas at once and prefixes each of the tables by the schema name.
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    Thank you. I like your way much better. In fact, just realized that in SSMS, you can't see all the schemas in one place, because some schemas only contain, for example, stored procedures and so they don't show up under Tables.
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