How do I preconfigure additional references and namespaces for my users of linqpad ?

I would like to be able to run a "installation" at least once to allow the set up of a set of assemblies as additional references and namespaces for my users, without having them press on F4 and having to do it on their own?

Do I need to create a custom driver?

Thanks in advanced!


  • Defaults for additional references and namespaces are stored in %appdata%\LINQPad\DefaultQuery.xml. You can update this for users by overwriting this file.

    If the additional assemblies are not part of the .NET Framework and you want to copy them to the user's machine, put them into the LINQPad Plugins folder (go to Edit | Preferences to see where this is). You won't then need to add them to DefaultQuery.xml because LINQPad automatically references all assemblies in the plugin folder.
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