LinqPad to AzureSQL (ActiveDirectory-Password authentication)


I am successfully connecting to an Azure SQL instance every day and querying. I would like to leverage LinqPad Pro Edition (v5.31.00) for the same reason, but use an ObjectContext. However, I cannot connect to the Azure SQL no matter how I approach it with LinqPad. I am using SQL Azure as the Provider for the LINQ to SQL Connection, and Windows Auth (AD) for Log On details. I've tried using Advanced for a manually-specified connString, to no avail.,1433

Is what I am doing possible yet in LinqPad?

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  • I have been struggling with that as well. After trying a variety of combinations I was able to connect to Azure. Here is what I did, maybe it will prove to helpful to you as well:
    1) Add Connection
    2) I used the "Build Data context automatically" feature and selected "Default (LINQ to SQL)
    3) Provider: SQL Azure
    4) Server: address of Azure database (something like ***** where the ***** represents the name of the dbserver)
    5) Log on details: SQL Authentication - provide username and password
    6) Database: I chose to "Specify new or existing database" so I did not get other options that I was not going to use.
    7) Data Context Option: I left the defaults checked
    8) Remember this connection (so I don't have to do this again)
    9) I checked "Contains production data" which provides a pretty nice feature of adding a colored band to the left side of window where your write linq queries reminding you that you are using a production database.
    10) test: and this should connect.

    Hope this helps.
  • Just now seeing this. Thank you very much! I now have it working...

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