Portable LINQPad + lprun not finding Nuget package source

I copied the portable LINQPad files to a machine where I intend to run some batch processing using lprun. I also copied my NuGetSources.xml file from one machine to sit in the same directory as the portable LINQPad assemblies. However, when I run lprun against a .linq file that contains references to Nuget packages, it appears to be trying to download from the public nuget.org package source instead of the private one that I specify in the NuGetSources.xml file. How can I get it to use the package source I specify?


  • Do you get the same result if you run the query interactively with LINQPad.exe? (And when you run LINQPad.exe and go to the NuGet package manager, do the correct NuGet sources show when you click 'Settings'?)
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