DBQuery<T>._entityWrapper column cluttering results and causing deep lazy loading evaluation

Depending on how we access our DB via entity framework in Linqpad, we sometimes get a bloated _entityWrapper column added to our query result. The amount of data Linqpad displays in this column is huge. Because of the quantity of data, this can trigger Linqpad's object graph rendering to deeply explore the entity relations in our results. If Lazy Loading is enabled, this triggers queries back to the DB and due to the recursive nature of this exploration, our simple query never returns.

Soo... we have to disable LazyLoading to allow this simple query to render. We know we can exclude the "_entityWrapper" column in a call to .Dump() but it would sure be nice to not have this column displayed ever.

See below for the column that we'd like hidden by default. Is there a way to do that?



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