Any way to disable or limit Linqpad "Fetching schema"

I have a query which uses 2 databases. One of the databases is quite large with many tables, sprocs, and views. When executing a saved query which uses the connection Linqpad goes into "Fetching schema..." mode and it takes a couple of minutes due to the large schema.

Is there any way to disable the schema update or whatever Linqpad is doing for select queries, or connections? Not sure if Linqpad can cache the schema, or something like that?


  • I still haven't found a solution to this. Maybe I should create an entity model in a separate assembly that contains a reduced number of tables/views/sprocs and then reference that assembly, although this is not ideal. When I have time, I may try this approach, unless someone has an alternative?
  • I've also been looking for the ability to cache the schema. Also long database loading times. There appears to have been such an option at some point, but I suspect it might have been removed.
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    The schema automatically caches, but LINQPad refreshes the cache if the schema has been updated since last time ("select max (modify_date) from sys.objects"). There's no way to force it to use the cache if the schema is stale.
  • Thank you for the information. We have an automated process that performs some alter statements at night. So once a day, the database is cached again, but after that it goes pretty fast.
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