Error when importing driver in LINQPad

when i create new driver and add it in linqpad, i get this error
unable to cast object of type 'DataContextDriverDemo.Universal.UniversalStaticDriver' to type 'LINQPad.Extensibility.DataContext.DataContextDriver'
what i can do wrong ?

i get this error even when i create driver from example from official site http://www.linqpad.net/extensibility.aspx

and this problem arise for both StaticDataContextDriver and DynamicDataContextDriver

I write more detail about what i doing:

1) download example
2) build solution on release mode
3)put in *.zip file - *.dll, *.xml, *.bat
4) change extension from zip to lpx
5) open LINQPad - Add connection - View more drivers - Browse - Select my *.lpx
6) after press OK, i get window with message - "driver successfully updated"
7) then i select my driver and press "Next", and then i get error


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