Does AutoComplete work with F# type providers?

I was going through the feature requests and saw an item for F# type providers.
The F# type provider concept is a natural fit for LINQPads "explore data" premise.

I realize that this is a non-trivial feature, but it's kinda the original concept of LINQPad to provide intellisense in LinqToSql instead of SQL strings. Type providers is the next gen equivalent.

The comment section however, stated that this feature already exists in LINQPad.

Granted, the following works:

open FSharp.Data
let wb = WorldBankData.GetDataContext()
printfn "%s" wb.Countries.``Czech Republic``.CapitalCity

However, I don't get autocomplete on the type provided. I took it for granted that auto complete was what the comment section of the "F# type provider support" feature request was referring to.


  • Aside of the fact that symbols with spaces are not properly escaped*, this should work. I take it you're not using an old version of LINQPad?

    *This should be fixed in the next release
  • I am using version 5.31.00

    Are you saying that if you copy the above code into "F# Program" query type, then you get AutoComplete on "Countries", "Czech Republic" (unescaped) and/or "CapitalCity"?

    I am not getting intellisense on any of those (neither before nor after running). The query runs fine and returns data. It could be, of course, that the corporate firewall is doing some stuff. So if it works on your machine, I should try it from home.
  • Yes, that's right: I get the autocompletion on the countries (and in the latest beta, the countries with spaces in their names are properly escaped). Let me know whether it makes any difference when you try it at home.
  • It works from home.
    Thank you. Awesome, as always.
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