Caching the fields of a table?

Using the latest non-beta version of LinqPad. Recently when I make changes to a table/object in a connection and build in VS2017 the list of objects in the connection will refresh and the change will show in the treeview but when I try to build a new method query in the query window the added field is not available. I have also removed a field from my object in VS and rebuilt and it disappears from the treeview but it still shows in the results window.

There seems to be some sort of caching happening. I have never had this issue before. Any thoughts or ideas on how to get things in sync quicker?


  • Found the issue. For some reason I had included a reference to an alternative version in the include assemblies section of LinqPad so query's were based on that DLL and the treeview of objects was based on the connection.
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