There are no usable .NET assemblies in X

There are some packages I would like to install, but I get the "There are no usable .NET assemblies in X"

These are CEFSharp.Winforms and Chromium.ChromeDriver. I think these packages may contain non .NET dlls, but I would still like to be able to use them, instead of having to download thefiles manually and copy them to the execution directory.


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    These packages rely on scripts to install references into a Visual Studio project file. With LINQPad, there is no project or MSBuild - it can work only if there are declarative references in the NuGet package.

    If a package contains native DLLs in addition to managed assemblies, LINQPad can usually find the supporting native DLLs provided that they are contained within a folder named \x86\, \win-x86\, \win7-x86\, \x64\, \amd64\, \win-x64\ or \win7-x64\ (this is how packages such as System.Data.SQLite.Core can work). However, the managed DLLs still need to be declaratively listed in the NuGet package spec.
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