Suggestion - Allow Util.SaveBytes / String to work with calling query directory

I like the new Util.SaveBytes and associated methods, but one extra thing I'd ask for is the ability to save and load from the same directory as the calling query (maybe under a similarly named 'UserDataFolder'). This would allow me to separate and query the contents of that folder. My current scenario is taking a dated snapshot of the registry and then keeping a log of them to compare later on.

Could the methods have another argument like saveLocal and loadLocal?

Anyway, thanks for the new feature - it's already coming in handy.

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  • What do you suggest should happen if the query hasn't been saved? (Or if you clone a saved query with Shift+Ctrl+C?)
  • Yes, good point. I guess there could be two options here:

    a) Do not save (the byte data) and warn the user that the query must be saved to save local data. Not sure I love this option as conceivably earlier executed code might have already 'done something' to the system. (eg earlier code delete's some resource mistakenly believing that a new local one will be created)

    b) Save the byte data to a temporary location or temporarily save into memory (as a property of Query?) - That way you could dispose of the whole thing if the query was closed without saving, but if it was saved then you could, at that stage, persist it to disk in the same location as the query.

    Would either of those work? I think my preference would be b) although I can see that this might be more work.

    The a) option would be fine I guess if you had the ability to warn before compilation / execution - is that possible?
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