LINQPad Integration (COM/Manifest issues)

Hi there,

I am using LINQPad since a year or so, and absolutly love it.

Actually I am working on an extension/customizing for a COM/NET application. This target application provides a huge API, which only works within applications which are located within the target applications root dir, and reference the target application COM dlls by an manifest file.

Now I would like to use LINQPad to test c# code using this API, but I always end in a COM exception / class not registered. If I copy LINQPad to the target directory and create an LINQPad.exe.manifest, this does not help (as it does for my own applilcations for this API).

Any ideas on that?

Or is there a possibility to integrate LINQPad functionallity into another application, like a debugger for another programs API?

Best regards from Austria,

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