Oracle connection error


Sorry for my poor english ^^

At first, I use Linqpad 5 (5.31.00 - Premium edition)

I tried to use the IQ driver to reach an oracle database and it works.
I managed to connect my database, but i only see tables in it.

But i'd like to see my stored procedures, as I can with my Sql server databases, so i tried to use the custom driver "Linq to DB" to connect my oracle database, but when I test connection, i've got an error message "Unable to load file or assembly 'Oracle.dataccess' or one of the dependancies...".

I've got the oracle client installed on my pc (so i've got the Oracle.DataAccess.dll...but not found by the driver)

When I used such custom driver requiring some dlls, where I have to put them (path to copy, add to the GAC, add references in linqpad ?). How to proceed ?

Thanks in advance


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