Memory usage in 5.31

I'm extracting a lot (1000s) of varbinary records to the file system and memory usage starts out at a couple hundred MB, but slowly grows until the system crashes (if I'm not around to stop and start the script).

Here's the code using a Linq to SQL connection.

var folderBase = "\\\\myserver\\share$\\files\\"; var records = Forms.Where(r => r.PDF != null && r.ImageGuid == null).Select(r => r.ID).ToList(); foreach (var rec in records) { var image = Forms.Single(i => i.ID == rec); var file = image.PDF.ToArray(); var docGuid = Guid.NewGuid(); if (!Directory.Exists(folderBase + docGuid)) Directory.CreateDirectory(folderBase + docGuid); File.WriteAllBytes(folderBase + docGuid + "\\" + image.ID + ".pdf", file); image.ImageGuid = docGuid; SubmitChanges(); image = null; // try this to release memory file = null; // try this to release memory }


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    I'm not really familiar with the object change tracking of LINQ-to-SQL, but you could bypass this by creating (and releasing) a data context for each record (using new TypedDataContext, var rec = Forms.FirstOrDefault(), update, dispose by end using block).

    Or simply bypass EF for updating:
    ExecuteCommand("UPDATE Forms SET ImageGuid = @p0 WHERE ID = @p1", docGuid, rec);
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