LINQPad is executed from ProgramData after upgrade


I'm using LINQPad as portable and most often AnyCPU version.
And thanks to using queries/plugins folders located in the same place as executable I was able to have all my scripts/extensions available when I run LINQPad using whatever user.
But lately after upgrade I noticed that I don't have any scripts in the MyQueries window. I noticed that real place from where the LINQPad was started changed. It wasn't the portable folder I had but: C:\ProgramData\LINQPad\Updates40.AnyCPU\459.
Can this be somehow disabled so I don't have to manually copy/delete files after upgrades?

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  • LINQPad tries to copy LINQPad.exe from that location back to the original location. If it fails 3 times, it will give up. The reason for it failing might be related to user permissions. The logic has also been improved for LINQPad 5, as well as the logic to ensure the portable folders still work when it's running from the update directory.

    It's unlikely that there will be any further LINQPad 4 updates. That one was just to fix a security issue. You can work around it in this case by manually copying the file from the 459 folder back to the source.
  • Thanks for the answer. I did just that but wanted to know what could cause it.

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