LINQPad Lite

Can you provide some "Lite" version of LinqPad that has only autocomplete/documentation in addition to "Free" version features? The program would be great for new people learning the language/API but I think someone who don't even yet know basic language features or libraries, he will not be able to see how great the LINQPad is, as he will not have any idea of what he could write. And paying 50$ for unknown tool, just to try new language, that someone is unsure (s)he will be using in future seems a bit much. Maybe you could make such "Lite" version that will be cheaper and provide this essential functionality. I personally don't need any other future the "Pro" version provides and I believe there are more noob people that don't need it.

The samples and online documentation are great but not everything is covered there. I understand to not have autocomplete functionality and in-editor documentation but when there is no API reference even online, that you can manually navigate to, the program is almost unusable.
For example I've seen "Chart() - dual scale" example and wanted to play around with it but I have no idea what I could alter besides changing the data. I was wondering what other Uitl.SeriesType I could use to plot the data but I couldn't find it anywhere.


  • I think the "lite" version is the free version. I realize it might be prohibitive for some but $50 really isn't a lot when you consider all you get. If you need autocomplete but don't have money for the pro version, Visual Studio Community is free and has all those features built in. I'm a professional developer but it didn't take me more than 3 days with the free version to be willing to pay the $90 for the Premium edition. I use it at work and at home and it's saved me tons of time.
  • Totally agree with @Filter. I started out as a Free user several years ago and then one day decided to go with it considering the amount of time I spend in linqpad in comparison to VisualStudio and other tools. The price might seem a lot but considering the productivity boost, it is worth the plunge. If you are starting out or not willing to buy, you may use the alternatives like VSCode, online editors or even the free version of VisualStudio. There are plenty of options. Also, you may use decompilers like dotpeek to look inside assemblies if you like.
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