Where I can find packages.config in LINQPAD

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EX,visual studio i can get Nuget reference version in packages.config

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I hope get all linqpad nuget reference,name,version.


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    Press F4 for query properties and your NuGet packages be listed as additional references. Click the hyperlink to see the version.

    Alternatively, go to the NuGet Package Manager (Query menu, or press Shift+Ctrl+P).

    The references are also saved in the .linq file in XML format, although you won't see a version number unless you requested a specific version when downloading the package.
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    thanks #JoeAlbahari ,It looks like no way to do it on linqpad...

    I just hope to copy linqpad nuget xml to visual studio project packages.config
    then quickly rebuild nuget lib.
  • Bear in mind that in LINQPad, you don't need to include dependent packages. Just include the main package(s) and the rest will be included automatically.
  • I'm wondering is there any LINQPad API like Util.GetPackages() to grab all dependency and details that we can generate the package.json file?
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