Failed to find or load the registered .Net Framework Data Provider

I'm receiving the above error when I click the "Test" button on my Entity Framework DbContext Connection.

I'm using LINQPad 5 to connect to an Oracle database through a custom assembly, and I'm passing a path to the config file to provide the connection string. We are using the Oracle Managed Data Access Client and Visual Studio 2017, EntityFramework 5.

The application DOES work, and in fact LINQPad also works, and is able to access data through the custom assembly and the entity data model. It just gives this error on the "Test" button and I'd like to understand why.

This line in the connection string is the problem, it appears, but this is used in other connection string with no problem: providerName="System.Data.EntityClient"

Does LINQPad fail to resolve this object/namespace/assembly? Is there a way to fix the problem?



  • It's hard to speculate on the cause without having an identical setup. Is your Oracle driver configured in the machine.config?
  • No, it's not setup in machine.config. The drivers are installed purely as nuget packages. Again, data access works, but the TEST button fails with that error. We use a separate project for our EntityFramework data model. It has its own config file … maybe there is some DLL that LINQPad is looking for in the bin directory that it can't find?

    Oracle drivers are very tricky to set up and keep happy, I find. Thanks...
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