OxyPlot sample applied on OxyPlot WPF renders blank

In the webcastcode package, you have an example of OxyPlot plotting a sine wave. I removed the reference to OxyPlot WinForm and added nuget package OxyPlot WPF instead. The output is now completely blank.
Is there any difference in LINQPad handling WPF vs WinForm that I should be aware of, or is this likely due to difference in the Plot class implementation in the respective packages?


  • Can you share your query? (File | Upload to instant share)
  • Sorry about the delay. I thought I had subscribed to the thread.
    This is using 4.43.06 (latest official). If the exact same query is run against the Winform package, it renders nicely.

    Another issue. On another computer where I have the Beta (v4.44.04) this statement:
    Observable.Interval (TimeSpan.FromSeconds (0.5)).Take (100).GroupBy (x => x % 2).Dump ("Odds and Evens");
    ... pasted in a blank query (with NuGet reference to Rx-main) is not displayed in "nested grids". Instead it renders as consecutive text in the normal text output where the first entry of each group (0 and 1) is rendered with the lead text "Odds and Evens". The rest is added in sequence below as normal text output.
  • The problem is that LINQPad puts WPF controls into a DockPanel by default, so that you can dump multiple controls and they'll stack vertically.

    You can fix the problem either by setting a height to the control before dumping it, or by calling the following method instead of .Dump():

    PanelManager.DisplayWpfElement (plot);
  • Ah, nice. Awesome! Thank you!
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