Support install EXE nuget packages

Please enable support for "Command Line" like nuget packages, these package contains EXE.
For example: after installing package 7-Zip.CommandLine, so I can *make sure* there is a 7zip.exe on my machine, should be at %LocalAppData%\LINQPad\NuGet.FW46. So I can then call this command line tool with Util.Cmd

Same other command line nuget package includes:
A topic related before:


  • This is timely, because I'm currently re-writing the NuGet integration in LINQPad 6. The new downloader generates a warning rather than an error when there are no usable assemblies, so you can successfully download packages that contain just tools.

    I will also add a method to the NuGetReference class called "GetPackageFolders" to make it easier to find the target folder, so you can do this in the case of 7zip:
    string packageFolder = Util.CurrentQuery.NuGetReferences
        .First (r => r.PackageID.Equals ("7-Zip.CommandLine", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))
    string exePath = Path.Combine (packageFolder, "tools", "7za.exe");
    exePath will then be set to this:


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