How to run linqpad for odata with metadata local file

Hi guys. We use Linqpad with odata to retrieve successfactor data from the odata web service. Success factor have change some date format and i can't get a connection as it abend with invalid date format. After having the answer from SF that they are not gonna fix the problem, i tried to run different way. Open the connection to create one. Instead of user WCF connection, i click on the "view more driver" button and download another driver for Odata V4 Driver. It ask me for a url, username and password. When i try to connect, it show me an error message "(Error : WebException - Failed to access the metadata document. The Odata service requires authentication for accessing it. Please download the metadata, store it into a local file, and set the value of "MetadataDocument.uri" in the .odata.config file to the file path. After that, run custom tool again to generate the odata client code.) "

Can someone help me with that ? As i don't have an example of the .odata.config ... and how to name it, where to place it, what is the "custom tool" etc...

If you have another way of running linqpad with metadata file local, i would appreciate it. As i want to remove the date format parameter in the metadata file to fix the parsing error.


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