Unable to invoke the code provider

edited April 2019
Just reinstalled LINQPad 4 after some time away from it. I've got a very simple query, and I'm not currently targeting any connection (though this same error occurs whether or not a connection is selected). My language is set to C# Statement(s) (though, this selection doesn't seem to matter, either). Anything I try to execute results in:
Unable to invoke the code provider: ExternalException was thrown. Please report this problem if it persists.

Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: Specified LINQPad version.


  • Strange. Per the instructions on the LINQPad download page, I originally installed LINQPad 4 because the target framework for the assembly that defines my ObjectContext is .NET Framework 4.5.2. Just for laughs, I gave LINQPad 5 a shot, and don't have any problems executing trivial statements, or code that uses my ObjectContext. Are there any gotchas of which I should be aware with using LINQPad 5 with this assembly that targets something < .NET Framework 4.6?
  • Framework 4.x version installations are additive, so you won't usually run into problems.

    You should only require LINQPad 4.x if running on a machine that only has Framework 4.5 installed on it.
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