NuGet problem in LINQPad 5 - missing assemblies in net48 profile

edited July 2019
It seems that LINQPad 5 cannot find assemblies if they are inside the net48 profile. Neither can the types be referred to from inside C# code in LINQPad, nor the "Show assemblies in this package" shows the problematic assemblies. All other assemblies are shown, that are not inside the net48 profile.

The problem is being experienced with version 5.36.03, but the problem still persists in beta version 5.39.0.

The problem seems to be very similar to this one (only this time it is the net48 profile instead of the net471 profile):


(BTW, when is the 5.39.* beta version going be a stable version? It contains some quite useful features and bugfixes. If this net48 profile problem was fixed, and a new stable version was released, then it would be fantastic! :smile:)


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