Error Entity Framework Core - Connection ok - Instance failure on query

I am using linqpad 6 with an Entity Framework Core connection which tests fine, however if I try to query data from a table I get an instance failure


  • Can you please check with the latest build - there's been some changes in the way assemblies are resolved, so there's a chance this might fix it.
  • Same problem using 6.0.13 and .NetCore3preview7.
  • I'm guessing then it's to do with the connection string. Try running this query:


    If it doesn't output what you expect, go back to the connection properties. Which option did you choose in how LINQPad should instantiate your context?
  • The connection is what I would expect.

    Via a constructor that accepts a DbConnectionOptions.

    There are a couple of different overloads for it but I created one specifically for linqpad.

    In the connection window it shows the connection and I can browse the tables and fields, but if you try any query e.g. just drag a table to the query window and execute, this produces an Instance failure.

    The differences are from table splitting.

  • Can you expand the InvalidOperationException object? There will be useful information in there, including a stack trace and maybe an inner exception.

    And have you tried testing the constructor overload you created for LINQPad from Visual Studio?
  • Linqpad should use the basic constructor which just allows for the connection string, there are 2 more which are dynamic and populate the connections at runtime.

  • I went back and hard coded a connection string for a different context based on if in Linqpad and that worked, I then tried passing in a string, then a constructor that accepts and these worked.

    I went back to the original context and just redid it this now works too.

    It doesn't make sense but now works so will just accept it and move on.
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