Invalid Object Name error

I have my own EF assembly that works fine in my application, and use to work fine with Linqpad. Since the last update though, I get Invalid object name sqlexception error anytime I try to run anything. The assembly uses the EF 4.3 framwork with the MySQL driver and does not cause any issues in our applications.

One thing the error is showing, is LinqPad is adding dbo. before all the table names.... which shouldn't be happening because we're accessing mysql, not mssql.

I really like the program and have purchased it recently, but now its useless to me :( until this issue us fixed.

I'm setting up the connection through the Entity Framework DbContext (4.1/4.2/4.3/5.0) driver.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    I've upgraded my assembly to use EF 5, and now I'm getting FOREIGN KEY errors and linqpad is reporting the errors coming from Microsoft SQL server....... yet my web.config file has no references to mssql, just mysql....

    Its like LinqPad is ignoring the driver settings and connection strings and just trying to hit a Microsoft SQL Server express edition on my local computer.

    My application is working with no problems and hitting the mysql server, using the same web.config and assembly file that I am attaching linqpad to.

    For now, is there anyway I can go back to an older version that actually worked?

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    Never mind, found the problem. My class name for the DBContext didn't match the connection string name case wise. I had one letter that was capitalized in the connection string.... I guess for some reason LinqPad is case sensitive, and if it doesn't match, it defaults to trying to access MS SQL.

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