MYSQL oldpasswords

Hello, I have a legacy application hosted locally that requires old_passwords=1.
I would like to be able to use linqpad to query this database however I cannot because old passwords are blocked.
I know that a database like this is insecure, however there is not anything I can do about that.
Is anyone aware of a work around for this? I tried adding old_passwords=0 to the connection string and it fails. Schema fails to download even though connecting is tested ok.
I have tried with both linqpad 5 with the 3rd party connector, and linqpad 6 with native support.

I tried setting up a new user in the database and set that user with the newer style password hash, still didnt work.

If i change the language to SQL, I can query tables using that. However this is far from ideal as I want to use linq.


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