Installation on MacOS?

I have used LinqPad on Windows for a number of years and have a purchased copy. But I would like to install it on a MacBook. With support for .NET Core it should work I just don't see any .dmg or package installers for Mac?


  • LINQPad 6 runs on Windows only, because it relies on WPF and WinForms, which run only on Windows for now.
  • Is it possible that, we can just remove all the Windows only library depedency, such as Util.Chart, so to make LPRun6.exe/LPRun6-x86.exe runing on other .NET Core 3.0 runtime/sdk supported platform.

    So that DevOps has other options to make good use of LINQPad 6?
  • It's probably doable, but a fair bit of work because it's likely that dozens of minor things will need changing. And more importantly, every time a build is released, it will have to be tested on multiple platforms, each of which has to be set up, updated and maintained. I'm not sure that enough people would use the command-line only version to justify this.
  • Avalon.Edit seems to be a alternative for WPF and WinForms.

  • Maybe a web front end on the LP engine would be the way to go? I know you end just trading platform testing for browser testing and that is also not trivial but may be an option worth considering.

  • I recently got Mac for my work laptop and I miss LinqPad so much. I am eagerly waiting for a Mac version of it.

  • @spagolu9 said:
    I recently got Mac for my work laptop and I miss LinqPad so much. I am eagerly waiting for a Mac version of it.

    LINQPad runs just fine under macOS with the help of Parallels. Not sure tho if this also is the case on the ARM Version (I can test it probably at the weekend).

  • I turned my back on Windows a long time ago, since Mono became a viable alternative, and especially in the last few years when .NET became supported on major platforms, it would be great if I could use LINQPad on my mac. Do you have plans to port LINQPad to macOS or Linux? Thanks.

  • macOS and Linux are not likely to be supported soon - we still don't have a cross-platform WPF/WinForms, and the cross-platform UI libraries that are available right now would require more than half of LINQPad to be rewritten.

  • Then how about rewriting it? There's a huge amount of dev using Mac OS​ ​these days.

    Personally I'm not a fan of macs, but I gave up making fun of mac users years ago, it's like making fun of a kid in a wheelchair.

    Seriously though. If you need help rewriting it lmk :)

  • A rewrite is easier said than done: the UI projects alone are over 50k LOC, not counting the editor. It's been in constant development since 2008.

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