LINQPad 5 slow startup


Let me just start saying that I'm absolutely sure that the cause behind this is some kind of group policy being enforced but it would be nice if you could guide me how to troubleshoot this.

I've noticed that recently (and I'm using recently very loosely here since it's been several months) LINQPad 5 has been very slow to open, from the moment when you double click the icon to the moment you actually get a useable GUI

As an average it will take 2-3 minutes waiting on the splash screen and then another ~5 until you get to a point where the editor is accessible (during that time you can actually see the GUI however nothing is clickable and the window is unresponsive).

I've noticed that during all this time DbgHost has a 25% CPU usage and if you kill that, then LINQPad crashes.

LINQPad 6 has no problem whatsoever.

Any hints or any type of log that I could enable or lookup in order to see if linqpad is being blocked by something?



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