Cannot see views in LINQPad 6, only tables

I have installed LINQPad 6 and connected to our MySQL database, and I cannot see any views from the database. I only see the tables.
In LINQPad 5 after I created a connection I used to see 2 sections, Tables and Views and I could expand them to see all the tables and views. In LINQPad 6 the views section is missing.
In LINQPad 5 to be able to connect to MySQL I had to install a driver called IQ Driver (by clicking on View more drivers...)
It seems like in LINQPad 6 I am using the Entity Framework Core (multi-provider) driver. I can't see any IQ driver.
Or is there some other driver I should use for MySQL?
I see on the left showing "Installed drivers (via NuGet), but that panel is blank. Do I need to install a driver via NuGet? How do to that?


  • This is a limitation in EF Core 2.x, which doesn't allow for entities without a primary key. The good news is that Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql shipped an RC for EF Core 3, so this is likely to be fixed soon.
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