[LINQPad6] How to use builtin EF core connection of v2.x?

The builtin EF core connection of LINQPad6 is 3.0. How to install 2.x? Thanks a lot.


  • Can I ask why you want to run EF Core 2.x?
  • Because my project use EF core 2.2. LINQPad is a very convenient tool help me to develop efficiency. I used LINQPad5 for a while, because 5 doesn’t support builtin EF core connection so I use my custom domain.dll that running on the EF core 2.2. I need to rebuild the domain.dll when my entity changed or add some new entities. The LINQPad6 builtin EF core connection is nice to me, but the 3.0 behavior is not same with 2.2. So I’d like to use EF core 2.2.

  • .NET Core 2.2 will out of support within 2 months, I think it's reasonable to drop 2.2 in LINQPad 6.
  • So are you using a typed DbContext from your own assembly? Is the EF icon in the explorer tree view red or blue?

    If it's red, LINQPad should use whatever version of EF Core that your project uses.

    Can you tell me what happens when you run the following query:

    typeof (DbContext).Assembly.GetName()
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