Latest System.Reactive 4.2.0 is not directly supported in LINQPad 6.3.0

edited October 16
Seems latest System.Reactive 4.2.0 has changed it's nuget layout:
C:\Users\flysha.zhou\.nuget\packages\system.reactive\4.2.0>tree /f
卷 Windows 的文件夹 PATH 列表
卷序列号为 2657-E1FC
│ .nupkg.metadata
│ .signature.p7s
│ system.reactive.4.2.0.nupkg
│ system.reactive.4.2.0.nupkg.sha512
│ system.reactive.nuspec

│ └─netcoreapp3.0
│ System.Reactive.dll
│ System.Reactive.targets
│ System.Reactive.xml

│ └─netcoreapp3.0
│ System.Reactive.targets

│ System.Reactive.dll
│ System.Reactive.xml

│ _._

│ System.Reactive.dll
│ System.Reactive.xml

│ System.Reactive.dll
│ System.Reactive.pri
│ System.Reactive.xml

Note: lib/netcoreapp3.0 has NOTHING. (Maybe they moved it to build\netcoreapp3.0😂) So that LINQPad 6 randomly select "net46", which popup a warning when install "System.Reactive":

Everything works perfectly fine in Visual Studio 2019:


  • You're right in that LINQPad shouldn't pick the net46 framework; it should ignore the package altogether when a compatible framework folder is present with a file called _._

    In terms of a proper fix, I don't know what to do other than special-case System.Reactive. They've designed it now so that it can only with MSBuild.
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