possible alternative available builds: self-contained application

Since .NET Core 3.x supports self-contained applications (AFAICT), that would be a great alternative build for linqpad6 since it would allow an xcopy-deployable version that didn't require (AFAICT) the user to have permission to install .net core 3.x on a machine.

The primary download/setup should definitely still be framework-dependent but I wanted to check whether self-contained was a possible alternative download option?


  • It's not really viable for a number of reasons, one of which is that your queries need something to run against. The closest option would be to include a private copy of .NET Core in a sub-folder, and then write a custom launcher that knows how to find it. Managing automatic updates would get complicated, though.

    If you don't have permission to install .NET Core, you can xcopy it to a folder that you have permission to, and set the DOTNET_ROOT environment variable to that folder. This is explained in the readme file in LINQPad6.zip.
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