Consider add a button "Export to markdown"?

Markdown(or .md) is a popular format in programming area, especially in tools like github, gitlab, jira. More and more blog platform already support markdown format.

I wondering is it possible to add a button here, call "export to markdown". I usually writing blogs that testing some framework, and then grab the testing data into markdown format. But convert these table is always a pain. Add this button will sure to help me:)


  • Hey @JoeAlbahari, this is a early post, but will you consider adding the markdown (at lease format the table) support to LINQPad? I believe this is pretty useful especially for our programmers to write blogs :)

  • Such a feature could be implemented with an HTML-to-markdown library, but the conversion would succeed only in simple cases. In particular, nested tables, which appear a lot when dumping objects in LINQPad are likely to screw up the export. It might make more sense to add an option to the data grid context menu to export the grid or selection to markdown.

    Also, keep in mind that the official markdown standard does not include tables. Table markdown works in this forum and GitHub, for example, but not in StackOverflow.

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